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Sypro IM-2F Clinical

Sypro® IM-2F Clinical is based on the Model Sypro IM, our unit for intermitted running blister lines. The unit can be equipped with two separate feeding cassettes allowing to feed one blister with two different products. The format cassettes are mechanically strictly separated and controlled independently by own cam signals.

Which cavity is to be filled by which feeder cassette can be freely defined and changed at any time. This guarantees the required flexibility for often changing clinical studies and makes the model Sypro IM-2F especially suitable for the field of clinical packing.

The main characteristics are:

  • All motions are controlled movements driven by electric motors
  • GMP fair Design
  • B&R PLC Controller
  • Industrial PC with touch screen for the operation and communication of superordinate systems and parameter administration
  • Networking capability
  • Multi language capability, language can be switched
  • 3 user levels with different permission settings for as many users as desired
  • Username and password Log-in
  • Log and error file with date, time, user identification and description of the change or error
  • Storage of an unlimited number of product parameter sets
  • Product sweep function for difficult product feeds adjustable in 15 steps to all directions (excl. USA)
  • Online settings of all axes possible
  • Tray stroke adjustable in frequency and amplitude; overlaid adjustable vibration can be added


  • Other access methods to the software, e.g. card reader
  • XML export and import of product data
  • Foil shrinking compensation

Sypro® IM-2F Clinical