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The new highly efficient blister pack feed system for intermittent and continuous motion blister lines.

The new Sypro® DUAL feed system improves the performance and increases the productivity of your production line. The system is very easy to operate and adjust.

Using different format parts, our feed system is capable of feeding a wide range of different product shapes using various combinations of base and lidding materials.

The system runs on intermittent as well as continuous motion blister machines. With this unit HMH offers you one solution for blister machines with plate sealing or rotary sealing, to be switched simply via software control.

The Sypro® DUAL feed system can hold feeder cassettes for draw offs up to 500mm. The unit is run by electricity and all motions are servo-controlled. This allows for very fine adjustments of the stopper pins to allow for different product shapes. All motions are controlled using servo motors therefore no risk of air contamination.

All settings and adjustments are managed via the touch screen control panel. The design is very user friendly and product settings can be saved / recalled as recipes, thus reducing changeover times.

The Sypro® DUAL feed system is manufactured with FDA compliant materials, equipped with safety interlocks and conforms to CE standards.


Sypro® DUAL
Intermittent and Continuous Motion