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The Sypro® CM Feeding System. This continuous motion feeding system is capable of meeting your feeding requirements. This system is designed for continuous-motion web transport with rotary sealing.

The Sypro CM is an efficient, easy-to-operate continuous motion unit dose feeding system. The system is very easy to operate and adjust. Using different format parts, the feeding system is capable of feeding a wide range of products.

The Sypro feeding system utilizes stepper motors to control product feeding and feeder location. The feeding system vibrates the product in a feeder tray and aligns them carefully into tubes. Inside the tubes, dispensing pins move in and out to release one product at a time into drop chutes. From the drop chute, the product slides into cavities in the web. Each drop chute leads the product from the dispensing mechanism into the dedicated cavities of the web. This enables only one product per cycle in each web cavity.

The Sypro feeding system utilizes servo motors to control its linear motion. During the transport of the web, the Sypro feeding system is raised up to a secure distance from the web. The packaging machine provides inputs to the feeding system regarding web speed. The speed of the web can be up to 18m/min (30m/min). The feeding system utilizes optical sensors to monitor the position of the web. Using the inputs from the packaging machine and the optical sensors, the Sypro feeding system initiates a feeding cycle and accelerates to synchronize with the web speed. Once the web speed is reached, the feeding system lowers to the web and releases one product per blister cavity. After the product is released, the feeder is raised from the web and returns to its home position.

The Sypro feeding system utilizes a B&R 2005 control system, Profit industrial PC for database and Ethernet connection along with a SVGA touch screen. The system is 21CFR Part 11 compliant. All settings and adjustments are done from the touch screen control panel. The design is very user friendly and product settings can be saved/recalled as recipes, thus reducing changeover time.

The Sypro feeding system is manufactured with FDA compliant materials, equipped with safety interlocks and conforms to CE standards.

The main characteristics are:

  • All motions are controlled movements driven by electric motors
  • GMP fair Design
  • B&R PLC Controller
  • Industrial PC with touch screen for the operation and communication of superordinate systems and parameter administration
  • Networking capability
  • Multi language capability, language can be switched
  • 3 user levels with different permission settings for as many users as desired
  • Username and password Log-in
  • Log and error file with date, time, user identification and description of the change or error
  • Storage of an unlimited number of product parameter sets
  • Online settings of all axes possible
  • Tray stroke adjustable in frequency and amplitude; overlaid adjustable vibration can be added


  • Other access methods to the software, e.g. card reader
  • XML export and import of product data

Sypro® CM Continuous Motion