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SYPRO Product Feeder

The Sypro® Feed System improves the performance and increases the productivity of your production line. HMH offers you systems for intermittent or continuous motion blister lines.

The outside dimensions of the unit are always the same and it can hold feeder cassettes for draw offs up to 500mm. Our models are run by electricity and all motions are motorised. This allows us to move the separation pins very gently to an adjustable position. At the initial set up all tool parameters are stored in the database so the set up procedure does not have to be repeated at tool changes. For tool changes only the new product parameter sets have to be selected to position the feed system automatically. The storage of product parameter sets is unlimited.

  • Sypro® DUAL
    The new highly efficient blister pack feed system for intermittent and continuous motion blister lines. With this unit HMH offers you one solution for blister machines with plate sealing or rotary sealing, to be switched simply via software control.

  • Sypro® IM Intermittent Motion
    The model for intermittent motion blister lines. This unit allows to feed one or two sealing cycles simultaneously.

  • Sypro® CM Continuous Motion
    Our system for continuous motion blister lines.

  • Sypro® IM-2F Clinical
    This unit was specially developed for clinical packing. The feeder carries two seperate feeding cassettes that allow one blister to be fed with two different products. The products are fed through two independent feeding cassettes to prevent cross contamination.


SYPRO® Product Feed Systems

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